Brass Mesh Core Box Air Vents
Brass Tapered vents
Brass Core Box Air Release Vents
M.S Parallel Slot Vents
Electric Connectors
Brass Inserts For Plastic Moulding
Brass Electrical/Electronics Connectors & Sockets
Brass Electric Male-Female Pins
Brass & Aluminium Core Vents
Brass & M.S. Thermo Couple Accessories
Brass Turning Parts
Sheet Metal Parts In Brass & Copper
Brass & M.S. Screws
Precision Brass & mild steel
& Aluminum Turning parts
Brass Casting and Forging Parts
Brass Sheet Cutting Parts
• Cheese head slotted screws
• Couter sunk head slotted screws
• Round head slotted screws
• Pan head slotted screws
• Raised head slotted screws
• Philips head screws
• Combination head screws
• Socket head screws
• Terminals screws for connector block
• Knurled slotted screws (thumb screws)
• Slotted grub screws
• Speical head screws
Brass and M.S. Screws Manufacturers Exporters,Cheese Head Slotted Screws,Couter Sunk Head Slotted Screws,Round Head Slotted
Standard Specification Followed:
  • BS 4183
  • BS 3643
  • BS 57
  • BS 3
  • IS 1367 / 1366
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